Proposed Updates to our Governing Documents
August 29, 2013 at 9:22am

by Erin Egan, Chief Privacy Officer, Policy


We are proposing updates to two important legal documents – our Data Use Policy and our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. These two documents tell you about how we collect and use data, and the rules that apply when you choose to use Facebook. From time to time we update these documents to make sure we keep you posted about the latest things you can do with Facebook.


Statement of Rights and Responsibilities


As part of this proposed update, we revised our explanation of how things like your name, profile picture and content may be used in connection with ads or commercial content to make it clear that you are granting Facebook permission for this use when you use our services.  We are proposing this update as part of a settlement in a court case relating to advertising and we hope this clarification helps you understand how we use your information in this way, so we included an example of how these ads work.


We also made a few other updates to make sure you understand that Facebook apps may be updated from time to time, and that although Facebook offers its services for free, you are responsible for any access fees, like data charges and text messages.


Data Use Policy


We also are proposing some updates to our Data Use Policy. Some of the key updates include:


  • Your information. We clarified that you share information with Facebook when you communicate with us, like when you send us an email.
  • Other information we receive about you.  We simplified the explanation for how we receive information and clarified the types of information we receive when you use or run Facebook, including from your devices, such as your IP address or mobile phone number.
  • Personalized ads. We rewrote the entire advertising section to better explain what we thought was important for people to know about how we use the information we receive to provide relevant ads to people on and off Facebook.


In addition to the information we provide here, you may also review a section-by-section summary of updates for both of these documents, which provides more detail about the proposed changes.  And, to see exact edits – whether substantial or just grammatical corrections – view the “tracked changes” English version.


Please read through these materials and provide feedback within the next seven days, by leaving comments below. As always, we will carefully consider your feedback before adopting any changes and we will post updates on the Site Governance page throughout the process.


For regular updates on our products and policies, please visit and like our Privacy and Site Governance pages.


Thank you again for continuing to be a part of this process and helping us shape the Facebook community.

Section-by-Section Summary of Updates


Proposed Statement of Rights and Responsibilities


Proposed Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Tracked Changes


Proposed Data Use Policy


Proposed Data Use Policy Tracked Changes

















  • Ryan Kennedy I don’t agree with my likeness, pictures, or anything else I post on this website being used in advertisements, without my ability to restrict it, short of making my profile visible to myself only. If, that proposal really is enacted, the first time ANY of my friends sees an ad with any of my information in it, I will be deleting my account, and encourage everyone else to do likewise. You need us. We don’t need you.