Facebook Libra VS. China Digital Currency

Digital currency in Shenzhen City backed by Chinese Government
BWF Shenzhen
| October 24-25, 2019 | Shenzhen, China Visit Event Website

Shenzhen City, which shares a border with Hong Kong, became China’s first ‘Special Economic Zone’ in 1980. In Chinese Special Economic Zones companies are allowed to operate without much of the red tape and regulation.There are also significant tax and other incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment into the economic zones. The Chinese Government’s digital currency mandate for Shenzhen is another indication of its changing attitude towards cryptocurrency.Recently Bitcoin has been labelled a safe-haven asset by a Chinese state-owned media outlet, while the People’s Bank of China released a infographic about the soaring value of Bitcoin. In the past week, the Chinese Government revealed it has its own digital currency ready to launch after five years of development.

The future of Blockchain is here! Blockchain World Forum • Shenzhen ( Conference & Expo | October 24-25, 2019 | Shenzhen | Visit Event Website ) will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with Blockchain. The event is an initiative in creating an interactive platform for the leading technologists, entrepreneurs, regulators, investors, academics and financial institutions in the emerging Blockchain industry. Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies with a focus on learning and building partnerships in the emerging Blockchain space, Blockchain World Forum will explore the industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; legal sectors, financial services, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more. Within the conference, there will be an exhibition of technological and business application innovations for the industry.


Yesterday the #BankofChina posted up an article about #Bitcoin. They explained how $BTC works, why the price is going up, and why it’s valuable.


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