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Dear Fight for the Future member,


Today we have good news. Remember a few months ago, you and more than a hundred thousand other people signed our petition reprimanding Facebook for their abusive practices?


Well, we are seeing the first signs that our advocacy is having an impact. On Thursday, Facebook publicly apologized for their unethical emotional manipulation experiment, and announced several steps (some that we find pretty meaningful) to prevent such abuse in the future.


An apology is not victory, but it’s a start, and proof that our collective outcry was loud enough that it couldn’t be ignored. Corporations don’t like to apologize for things unless they absolutely have to.


We’re not going to take Facebook at their word, and we’re not under any false impressions that their apology means they won’t continue to push the limits of ethics and the law when collecting and toying with user data.


But by shaming Facebook, we’re helping draw a bright line between using data to improve a product and shameless psychological manipulation.


Can you help us keep the pressure on?


Want to support more hard-hitting activism that gets results? Please chip in $5 today.


Facebook is just one piece of the puzzle. We’re committed to tackling the most important issues facing the Internet every day. We’re glad to have you on our side.

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