Experts Warn Stakeholders Be On Alert – Contaminated Seafood Across The World Due To Fuku

By Susan Duclos

Via ENENewsVoice of Russia and The Islandthere are some dire warnings coming out about the levels of radiation contaminating the ocean life due to the massive amounts of radioactive water pouring into the Pacific from the cripple Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan which saw multiple meltdowns after the 2011 great earthquake and tsunami.

The highlights:

• Experts warn, due to the currents of the world’s oceans, radiation from the crippled nuclear power plant is spreading across the world, affecting flora and fauna

• Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl: radiation affects fish, World Ocean, West Coast – experts […] some of the reactor nuclear decay products made it to the ocean, rather than to the air, as was the case in Chernobyl in 1986

• Following the study, Sri Lanka [~4,300 miles from Fukushima, Japan] had successfully established baseline data for marine radioactivity around it, he said, noting that Sri Lanka had not reached the radiation danger zone, but it was time for all relevant stakeholders to be on the alert

Fukushima is not just a problem for Japan, it is a global catastrophe, with Thyroid cancer on the west coast of America linked to the Fukushima disaster, very high readings of radiation on Geiger counters along the beaches of California, the ocean being turned into one gigantic reactor, sea life such as star fish simply turning to “goo,” ocean life acting incredibly strange, beaching themselves, being in locations they are not known for and much much more…. 

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