Expert: “We are on the Precipice of a Massive Nuclear Crisis


Grant Lawrence–Bodhi Thunder


Reports are that the Japanese are using sea water to help cool the nuclear reactor after an explosion destroyed the building that housed the reactor.

Also, caesium has been detected around the plant which points to a nuclear meltdown.

….Parts of the reactor’s nuclear fuel rods were briefly exposed to the air after cooling water levels dropped through evaporation, and a fire engine was pumping water into the reactor, Jiji news agency reported.

The rods, which create heat through a nuclear reaction, can release radioactivity when exposed to the air. Without water the rods cannot be cooled properly, Fox News reported….

….moments later Kyodo News reported that radioactive caesium had been detected near the Fukushima plant, citing information from the nuclear safety agency….(

Authorities are claiming that radiation levels are decreasing, although it isn’t clear how this could be so.At the same time officials are telling people in an ever increasing area to take cover.


…Television channels warned nearby residents to stay indoors, turn off air-conditioners and not to drink tap water. People going outside were also told to avoid exposing their skin and to cover their faces with masks and wet towels.

Peter Hayes, the executive director of the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable development in Melbourne, described the situation as “dire”.

“It’s still possible that the reactor workers can stabilise the situation if power is brought back, if coolant is brought into the reactor,” he told Al Jazeera, but warned that “we’re really right at the precipice of a massive nuclear crisis”.

Steam containing low-level radiation has been released to relieve pressure and tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated from surrounding areas near the two sites in Fukushima….(al jazeera)

….In all, Japan declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants on Friday….(my

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