EXCLUSIVE interview with Generals Flynn & McInerney – KRAKEN REVEALED!

Exclusive and EXPLOSIVE interview with General Flynn and McInerney about “clear path to victory” and more about revealing the frauds. First 30 min is with Flynn, then McInerney. Mary Fanning added to the interview at the end.

13 min – about the coup d’etat from 2016
15 min – “they upped their game” this year
20+min – cyber warfare “it’s more than brainwashing”
25 min – “this is an assault on the republic”
27 min – “if we dont get this done this country is over”

33 min – about the Hammer and Scorecard
35 min – about censoring and the media, more about cyber warfare and the constitution
37 min – election legal process not built for cyber warfare, “we are on a time clock and judges dont see whats going on”
40 min – more details about data
41:45 – “KRAKEN ORGANISATION” – reveals what it is
43 min – about the Frankfurt server – special forces broke into a CIA facility
45 min – known politicians (named) involved “this is treason we are talking about”
48 min – “these people are guilty of treason against the US”
49 min – “president MUST NOT STEP DOWN”

53 min – broke this story of fraud in 2015 and again 2017
55 min – “this is an act of war against our country”


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