Threatened By Saudi Arabia

Watch the ad above to watch the shocking ad which tells the truth about Saudi Arabia. has been challenging the world to shift the development of oil away from the repressive kingdom of Saudi Arabia to domestic Canadian Oil Sands. Canadian oil sands hold 175 BARRELS of oil sufficient to replace the imported oil we get from Saudi Arabia. Their approach to challenging Saudi oil is to frankly tell the truth about the repressive human rights abuses in the medieval country which uses it’s vast oil reserves to silence free speech. Ezra Levant has a wonderfully sarcastic way of challenging the oil sheiks who would prefer the world to not develop domestic oil.

Ethical oil: Ezra Levant fights back against Saudis — ‘Go pound sand!’ (video)

by Kathy Shaidle on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 | No Comments

His column:

Rahool Agarwal, one of the lawyers at Norton Rose, has been contacting broadcasters across Canada, threatening them if they air the ad. Already two networks have capitulated in the face of such threats, including CTV, Canada’s biggest private broadcaster. Agarwal has also threatened with a lawsuit, too. He won’t say for what — he clearly has no legal case. But the point is silencing dissent. And it’s working.

The only way we heard about this campaign of threats was when one concerned Canadian who received a threat tipped us off. When our lawyer contacted Agarwal, he sounded genuinely surprised that he was caught. The Saudis prefer to operate under the radar.

Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Canada. They’re an enemy of the West. They’re an enemy of freedom. This is not a new revelation. Fifteen out of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia.

His argument is that Canadians should be free to honestly challenge the Saudi Kingdom and their human rights abuses. has stirred up the anger of the Saudi Kingdom for speaking the truth and has threatened legal action against television stations that air the above advertisement.

The Islamic nations have become immensely rich by selling oil and want to discourage other nations from developing their oil reserves. Saudis use their vast oil money to invest in environmental organizations which fight domestic oil development.

Ezra Levant: Saudi Arabian Fascists Threaten Free Speech In Canada!

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