‘End the injustice!’: Venezuelan official’s son stirs nation in YouTube plea to his father `

“Dad: In this moment you have the power to end the injustice that has sunk this country,” said Mr Saab in the video posted on YouTube late on Wednesday, in which he was seen sitting outside and reading from a piece of paper.

“I ask you as your son, and in the name of Venezuela that you represent, that you reflect and do what you must do. I understand, I know this isn’t easy, but it’s right the right thing to do,” added the young Saab.

There was no immediate response from the ombudsman, a former Socialist Party governor. His office did not respond to a request for comment.

In a letter posted later on Twitter, Maduro’s son called on Saab’s son to reconsider his position. The president’s son echoed the government stance that demonstrators are terrorists trying to instigate a coup amid the biggest protests since 2014.

“Your three minutes of fame could have been different. I think you could have picked up the phone and spoken with your father, expressing to him your love and concern and listening to him,” Nicolas Maduro Guerra said.


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