Election film that tells the truth about Finland and Europe banned from cinemas due to “racism” 

The cinema chain Finnkino has refused to air the Finns Party’s political ad, called “A story of being seriously pissed off”, just before the parliamentary election in Finland.

The comic book style video has been posted in full on Youtube, both in English and in Finnish, and it was shared on the parties various social media platforms recently.

In a statement on Twitter, the cinema chain explains why: “Finnkino stands up for tolerance, freedom of expression and democracy and does not accept racism or discrimination.”

The six minutes long film tells the sad story of current Finland – and every other Western European country:
“There was once a small nation, inhabited by content and happy people.

The citizens of this country greatly enjoyed their homeland, the independence of which had come at a high cost.
One day the country’s democratically chosen leaders decided to betray the promises they had made to their people. They noted that if they used their power in manipulative ways they could become incredibly rich.

They wanted to forsake their fatherland’s culture, its traditions and its values.

Through their legislation and taxation they robbed their own more and more, while at the same time opening their country’s doors to the foreign nations of the world.
Thinking little of its appending risks to the safety of its own people, these leaders opened the flood gates, taking in anyone, even those who were never in need of a place of refuge.

These decision makers took their country’s media and turned it into their own propaganda platform.

Those who dared to speak out were silenced and made out to be criminals.

The country that once proved to be a safe haven for women and children was now a thing of the past.

According to the words of the country’s leaders everyone was expected to adjust to the new order of things, and most importantly they were told not to give way to fear and hate.

Years passed, and the people got angrier and angrier. The anger tured into energy and the energy turned into a monster, that hunted down and found the guilty. It was impossible to escape the anger of the people.

The leader prayed for mercy and promised to repair the state of the country, but for the people these promises were not enough.

At last the ring leader cried out, promising to rectify everything, resign and be banished.

Hearing this the monster disappeared as smoke into the air, but would corruption to raise its ugly head again the defender of the people would return with fury.
There is no pissed off monster of course. And it’s not going to come and save anyone.

The old parties are not going to change their objectives. If you want change you’re going to have to vote for change. Use your power.”
The End.

There’s nothing controversial about this. It’s the truth. And the video, and message should be shared not only in Finland, but all over Europe.
The Finns Party is on an upward trend in the opinion polls for election day on 14 April.

In Yle’s latest poll, the party has the support of 15.1 percent of voters. That’s more than they got in the last local elections 2017, when they got 8.8 percent. However, it is lower than in the previous parliamentary election 2015, when the voter support was 17.7 percent.

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