Easily and rapidly remove arterial plaque and end most heart disease. Nobel laureate Linus Pauling –Vit C and Lysine dissolves plaque – VIDEO

Nobel laureate Linus Pauling states that cardiovascular disease is mainly caused by a deficiency of vitamin c and lysine. Also states that the natural removal of artery plaque can easily and rapidly be done by taking vitamin c and lysine at proper levels. Something of the order of two level teaspoons of vit c (that’s about 8 grams) and maybe one level teaspoon of lysine (that’s 4 grams). Listen to the linked video for specifics. Space out the vit c during the day or you will get the trots. Dr. Pauling is 91 years old in the linked video. He talks about supplemental lysine and vit c easily dissolving clogged arteries starting at 27:00 of video but the whole video is important. Notice that he uses no notes or teleprompter for his hour long presentation.

Dr. Linus Pauling on Vitamin C and Heart Disease Stanford Medical School – 27 Feb 92

Dr. Matthias Rath has been a close collaborator and friend of the late Dr. Linus Pauling. Dr. Rath has published more papers together with the two-time Nobel Laureate than any other living scientist — including publications of breakthrough discoveries about the nature of cardiovascular disease as an early form of the sailors’ disease scurvy.

This historic video tape feature lectures in which Linus Pauling himself sets the record straight on Dr. Rath’s role in these landmark discoveries. http://www.dr-rath-foundation.org/

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