Earthquakes: USGS Admits Fracking Is The Cause of Quakes In Oklahoma

Natural Gas Well Fracking

USGS: Fracking Causes Earthquakes, More Regulation Needed

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The U.S. Geological Survey is calling for greater transparency from oil industry stakeholders after concluding that the increasing number of earthquakes in the US – especially in regions not known for seismic activity – is not the result of natural processes, but related to fracking ….

The USGS is currently working on developing a response to what they call “these induced earthquakes” and is calling for greater transparency.

“In contrast to natural earthquake hazard, over which humans have no control, the hazard from induced seismicity can be reduced. Improved seismic networks and public access to fluid injection data will allow us to detect induced earthquake problems at an early stage, when seismic events are typically very small, so as to avoid larger and potentially more damaging earthquakes later on,” added study co-author Art McGarr, a USGS geophysicist.

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