Dutch Police Seize Control of Facebook Page Over Anti-Migrant Comments

images (1)After terrorists posing as migrants slaughtered over a hundred people in Paris, Dutch police responded by taking a firm stance….against people who post anti-migrant comments on Facebook.

AD.nl reports that a popular Facebook page which featured “hefty discussions about refugee issues and the arrival of asylum seekers” was seized by police and the judiciary after its owner refused to delete it.

Owner Ralf Stultiëns was contacted by authorities who demanded that he remove the page because of its anti-migrant stance. When Stultiëns refused, complaining that he would have to remove each of the page’s 3,000 members one by one, control of the page was relinquished. Stultiëns said that he had been diligent in removing any comments that contained threats of violence …. http://www.prisonplanet.com


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