Drive-by blessings!

An orthodox priest has turned a bus into a four-wheeled church and now travels around the Russian republic of Tatarstan, giving the locals a boost of spiritual food.

As the saying goes, if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must come to the mountain. Priest Andrey Strebkov was thinking likewise, when he decided to acquaint the mostly Muslim region with Christianity, Russia’s NTV channel reports.

It took almost a year to re-equip an old bus into a church, but the superior of the Saint Trinity Church in the remote Tatar town of Zainsk believes it was worth doing.

As the priest explains, most of the Orthodox churches in the region are either in decay or abandoned, so the traveling church was the best option to return the faith to the masses.

The latter are delighted by the innovation.

”We are very glad to welcome the traveling church here. Everyone was waiting for the bus, preparing and keeping a fast,” a local resident says.

The original church has already caused a stir in the republic, with dozens of requests coming from all parts of Tatarstan. Father Andrey asks for patience – he first needs to get around to his own flock.
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