DRIP IS NOW LAW, GIVING THE UK GOVERNMENT MORE POWER OVER YOUR PRIVACY – Roughly only 20 MPs were present during the final debate


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Top: MPs debating their pay.

Bottom: MPs debating emergency legislation to erode human rights in the UK.

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill (or #DRIP) has received Royal Assent to become an Act of Parliament today.

What does this mean?

DRIP is a bill that will offer the UK Government emergency powers over your personal cyber data. Prior to this such an invasion of a citizens privacy would require a warrant signed by a Secretary of State (Just cause for suspicion was therefore required).


Roughly 20 MPs were present during the final debate to push through this bill.

The House of Lords did not vote on the Bill.

The Government Argues.. that emergency legislation is needed to ensure that UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies can maintain their ability to access the telecommunications data they need to investigate criminal activity and protect the public. There is cross-party agreement on the need for the Bill.

Other Argue..

The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Director, Adrian Davis, says it will leave UK personal data more vulnerable to cyber-criminals.

The Telegraph claims DRIP will dramatically expands surveillance capabilities.

Do you Disagree with the Act? The Open Rights Group is sueing the UK Government

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