Dr John Campbell – UK JAB DEATHS on the increase (Deleted by YouTube)

Will another 2 million+ vax believers wake up?

Notorious pro-vaxxer, Dr John Campbell finally joins the throng of truthers censored by Big Tech.

Welcome, John! How does it feel?

It’s taken an incredibly long time for a man of his apparent experience and intelligence to work out what us much less capable folk realised years ago (yes, more than one year ago!) – COVID jabs KILL!

Despite being a flag bearer for the pro-vax narrative for so long, just one honest slip into the truth and bang, John, you’re taken down!

Here’s the offending video, thankfully republished on censorship-free Bitchute:

The burning question is, will he and his 2.43 million subscribers now wake up to the Big Lie?

Will he and his subscribers ditch YouTube and start to question all the other MSM and Big Tech propaganda peddlers?

Given how long this tide is taking to turn, I’m not holding my breath but I’m so glad I’m already in the lifeboat!!


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