Dr. Birx: “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines”

White House Coronavirus Task Force Response Coordinator Deborah Birx

Birx specializes in HIV/AIDS immunology, vaccine research (Just like Fauci..) Claims vaccines “protect against severe disease and hospitalization” before saying that 50% of those who died via Omicron were older & vaccinated.


Dr. Birx has routinely for media and public consumption provided dogmatic propaganda, doing her part in the relentless campaign to get as many needles in as many people that they could of, with the message that synthetic mRNA coding aka “COVID Vaccines” will “Stop the Transmission of COVID-19”. Se still persists in doing this.

She (LIKE MOST PUNDITS, PUPPETS, AND PEDDLER’S OF THE DECEPTIONS) did not make it clear that what she was supporting the coercion of people into what was, and still is at the time of this writing is the clinical trial of an unapproved by the FDA, and only under Emergency use Authorisation, Synthetic Genetic mRNA instruction set, a gene therapy

She pushed a scheduled of shots and booster shots and never once mentioned that anyone taking them are Volunteering for a clinical trial, or reminded the public or any medical authority and regulated healthcare “professionals” in the United States to adhere to the law and give full and complete disclosure of the facts, and a reasonable best effort to communicate the risks including that as this is a clinical trial the biggest risk are that they are yet unknown in the public!

In short there was no Informed Consent…

She could have done what was not only her just duty to lawfully do and that is to see to it that informed consent observed and upheld in the public, but that is not what she chose to do.

She now says she “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines”. So she lied and is in breach of the public trust and that should be address lawfully as with every other person / individual that did like wise.

No vaccine ingredient or product / drug safety data inserts, and with at least one manufacture there are at minimum, 7 undisclosed ingredients that they will not share with the governments around the world.

She is saying “we” played you, in fact “we” over played the public, she admits that. So why now?

I think the answer is in part somewhat obvious… People will “tune in” to MSM such as FOX and find it well shared on social media in this case via twitter in the clips found here. Her admission is quite the headline to grab views and attention to her so she can peddle her book and distance herself from the growing awareness of the utter failure to deliver protection from COVID via the Ze “Vakscines” as evidenced by The “US President” JOE BIDEN allegedly getting COVID after allegedly having four (4) COVID Vaccinations…. Not that there are many people who are getting COVID over and over again after getting shots over and over and over again to have come to the public’s attention.

FOR THOSE THAT FIND THIS POST / PAGE (https://thewatchtowers.org/?p=187195) Google for Justin Trudeau saying if you choose to volunteer and and Barack Obama in a speech address it as a clinical trial, and Tedros Head Agent of the WHO medical branch of the globalism’s cabal and asking the USA why it was not giving more doses to the third world and instead taking that does / shots killing your kids: with them….

Here’s a longer version of Dr. Birx’s recent Fox News interview – Now she’s pushing for Pfizer Paxlovid and her book. And this is what it is all about, Big Pharma, herself, and her book and of course still messaging for the Ze “Vakscines” continued use. Her message is – Get the shots and the pills…. I knew the Vakscines would not do as we told you they would so I am off the hook by coming clean here and this scandalous admission should get me exposure to support book sales.

let what Fauci said sink in, ponder his words and contemplate them: “You want to be a dead end to the virus”

Death would be the only way to ensure that… as you now know the vaccine will not stop the virus…. It can only stop you… A dead host is a dead end to the virus.


The Devil is in the details. They are crafty and the most crafty will skate on the edge of the truth… Fauci is quick on his feet, but he still cannot dance fast enough. His relentless media whoring is a one man show, a cult of personality made up of aggrandisement and to support his act he as we say tries to “baffle you with bullshite”, or “dazzle you with fancy footwork” the tools of the shysters stock and trade. Brix’s small confession is also a trick of the propaganda trade.

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