DOOM…?: Governments knew of ISON in 2004!

Hat Tip: –Voltaic–

“Notice how the craft Deep Impact is perfectly lined up to get the best images of ISON crossing the Sun on Nov 28.
Either it is a 1 in a billion chance coincidence OR it was placed there on purpose.

Deep Impact was launched in 2005, conceptualized at least as late as 2004.

So why is this comet kept a secret for so long? Why did it become declassified the moment it was visible to amateur viewers?

I tell ya, look it up. Deep Impact, ISON and the Sun will line up perfectly on Nov 28 2013.

THIS is a remarkable coincidence at best worthy of powerball odds.

one is scrolled down to view the names the other is showing how close they line up. If I could click through the minutes instead of hours, could show ISON perfectly lined up.”





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