Donna Brazile Out, Marcia Fudge In. Third DNC Chair In 8 Hours

You can’t make this stuff up. The Democratic National Convention has now announced its 3rd chairperson in the last 8 hours. According to and confirmed by CNN:

Earlier today, Debbie Wasserman Shultz was outed as the DNC Chairwoman on the eve of the convention after a weekend that saw her entire office and staff exposed in an embarrassing email dump of the Democratic National Committee, exposing a concerted effort to fraudulently hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton by conspiring to derail any hopes of Bernie Sanders securing the nomination. This lead to Debbie Wasserman Shultz immediately being hired as a chair of the Clinton Campaign.

Shortly after the Wasserman Shultz resignation, CNN released Donna Brazile from her CNN contract so she could fulfill the duties as the DNC Chairperson on an interim basis for the convention in Philadelphia.She was expected to be interim Chairperson until after the elections in November. This lasted about 30 minutes, then all hell broke loose as numerous websites, this one included, published scathing articles showing that Brazile was as deeply involved in the fraudulent activities as Wasserman Shultz was. You can read the Brazile emails here. She called Bernie Sanders “stupid” and threatened to “cuss out his staff”.

Well, Bernie apparently still has some power left and apparently now has used it to force Brazile out and the Democrats have now named a 3rd chairperson.

Marcia Fudge has now been named as the new interim chair.

Got it?


Photo by AFGE

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