Donald Trump vs México

Although they got the ending wrong IMHO this is LOL funny, informative and sobering all at the same time.

From a viewer:

I’m Mexican and this is stupid, this shows how people are misinformed about what Trump is trying to do. Obviously if you have a green card, visa, citizenship, or anything in that sort you will stay in the country. Second, upholding the immigration laws has nothing to do with racism. Do I agree that Trump should deport all illegal immigrants? No, but at least we need to weed out those that bring shame to our culture and make us look bad in this country. Perhaps if we ask nicely for an amnesty program, we can avoid separating families. However, rioting, destroying property, and commiting crime wil not win the hearts of the american people. Wake up you fools, we are not the victims, we are the perpetrators and we need to do something about it. We need to fix Mexico so that even americans want to live and work there.
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