Who is David Ramadan?

By Kent Clizbe

The first thing that struck me about David Ramadan, when I met him one recent morning, was how timid he was without a retinue. I’d arrived early, and greeted him with a handshake when he entered the café, by himself. He didn’t slow down, but kept moving, directly to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later, when he had yet to emerge, I realized that he was scared of me. Only later did I learn why. Finally, he emerged from the potty, at exactly the same time that two supporters arrived. He was comfortable enough to sit down, but not yet ready to talk. Moments later, another Ramadan man arrived, the former chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, shaved head and all.

Now, Ramadan was ready to talk. And did he talk! First he let me know that he had my number! “Why did you bring him,” Ramadan said to my friend, gesturing at me, as if I was some sort of indelicate item the cat had dragged onto the porch. “I know he’s a CIA profiler,” Ramadan went on. Ah ha! Now he revealed two things–the depth of his ignorance first (there’s no such thing as a CIA profiler), but much more interestingly, the depth of his fear. I was immediately interested—what did he have to fear?

The conversation went downhill from there. In essence, Ramadan practiced the tactics that I recognize well from interviewing candidates and agents. The tactics are also practiced by covert action operators around the world, when their misdeeds are uncovered: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter-accusations, or “Andemca.”

Ramadan’s diatribe began with accusations against shady “haters” with shady intentions of fund-raising who were making wild accusations against him. But he quickly shifted to accusations against his primary opponent, who my friend evidently supported.

After a long interchange of Ramadan attacking his opponent (issues included the church she attended, and topics of discussions at meetings she’d attended), I finally had to interrupt his diatribe. I explained that I did not know his opponent, but as a fellow conservative, I was concerned about Ramadan’s allegations of unfair accusations made against him. And that as a fellow Muslim, I was especially concerned about the religion-based attacks he claimed to suffer. I told him that I was interested in getting to the bottom of these issues, and that it would help me to understand his background.

Whoa! Another flash of fear. He decided that it was time to spring what he seemed to consider his ultimate weapon: “So, are you a conservative?” Ramadan slyly asked me. “Of course,” I answered. He theatrically produced a smart phone. Peering at the screen, he asked “Did you vote in the 2008 Democrat primary?” I answered, “Sure did. It was Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos. There was no contest in the Republican primary, so the idea was to disrupt Obama’s chances by voting for Hillary.”

But Ramadan had stopped listening after “Sure did.” He assumed an arrogant air of superiority and dismissed anything I had to say, playing to his assembled peanut gallery of supporters. This is one arrogant dude, I thought. Since I am not a politician, I have absolutely no need to put up with an arrogant attempt to besmirch me. Nor do I need to tolerate a patronizing attitude. I’ve lived too long, sacrificed too much, and fought too many enemies to put up with twaddle from a twit.

He made me quite angry. His silly research to reveal that I’d voted in the Democrat primary didn’t bother me at all. I’m proud to have participated in the ingenious attempt to give the PC-Progressives a taste of their own medicine, since they had done the same to Republican primaries in other states.

What did make me angry was Ramadan’s air of superiority as he refused to make eye contact, dismissing me as a non-entity, under the pretense that my voting in the Democrat primary made me an unworthy interlocutor for someone of his stature. Ironically enough, Ramadan’s wing-man, who also assumed an air of smug superiority from that point on, is an ex-Democrat!

To make a long story short, here’s my assessment of this Republican candidate. This assessment is based on nearly three decades of dealing with foreigners, many of whom meant to harm America, and many of whom attempted to deceive me. I’m an expert in deception detection, and in assessing personalities. See some of my writing on this issue.

Mr. Ramadan is hiding something. I don’t know what it is. But he is unwilling to share very important details of his life. In my experience, those who practice “Andemca” include: PC-Progressives, criminals, intelligence agents, little children who’ve done something wrong, or others who have something to hide.

A sincere conservative candidate, who is suffering unfair, bigoted attacks would gladly help other conservatives understand his background and beliefs, so that they could help to counter the bigots. When that candidate instead practices inflammatory attacks and makes ridiculous accusations in response to a simple query about his background, the hackles on the back of my neck stand straight up. Something’s not right.

Ramadan, from what I can make out, is the scion of a Lebanese Shi’a family. He told me that his father paid for him to attend university in Virginia. It would be very interesting to hear more details about these issues. The Lebanese Shi’a are the backbone of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah (The Party of God).

Earlier this year, Congressman Darrell Issa (R, CA) introduced the Hezbollah Anti-Terrorism Act. The act ensures that no American aid to Lebanon will enter the hands of Hezbollah. Congressman Issa said, “Hezbollah is a terrorist group and a cancer on Lebanon. The Hezbollah Anti-Terrorism Act surgically targets this cancer and will strengthen the position of Lebanese who oppose Hezbollah.”

Evidently, Ramadan’s generous contributions, spread around liberally in Republican circles come from his “successful businesses.” Small women’s gyms are not known to generate much cash, so it would appear that Ramadan’s revenue stream must flow from his “international businesses.”

Since he refused to discuss any details about his background, all that’s known is that he has an interest in a “law firm,” maybe based in Lebanon. It seems that he is also active in “immigration consulting.” What is that? As someone who has interviewed hundreds of applicants, many of them with immigration issues, this interests me.

When I asked him directly about his own immigration experience, explaining that my wife and I had met as classmates when she was a foreign student, Ramadan blew a gasket. He launched into a classic Andemca tirade, culminating with, “You probably want to see my birth certificate, right? You’re a birther!” Turning to his friends he chortled, “He’s a birther!”

Who is David Ramadan? What is his real background? What does he fear? I wish I could tell you.

Kent Clizbe, a former CIA covert case officer, is a professional vetter. From spies to computational linguistics engineers he has successfully vetted scores of valid candidates, and exposed many lying candidates. His upcoming book, Willing Accomplices, explores how the KGB used covert influence to destroy American exceptionalism and create Political Correctness and Progressive politics.Research notes:

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