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Dispatches: Undercover Mosque | The Return | Real Stories

After the first ‘Dispatches: Undercover Mosque’ witnessed the rise of extremist Wahhabism within UK mosques, ‘Undercover Mosque: The Return’ explores further the terrifying beliefs of a rising ideology within the UK.



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Here is the original (1st) documentary in this series.

Can Islam ever truly become part of the modern world? Why is a religion that claims over a billion followers across the globe now seen as the worlds greatest . Undercover Mosque reveals how a message of hatred and segregation is being spread throughout the UK, inspired by Saudi Arabia, a country our government . Here the shocking truth firsthand from women who lived behind the hijab. Domination and oppression is served daily under Islamic law. These women finally . A disturbing insight into the world of forced marriages of under aged girls in the UK

Where Are the Moderate Muslims?

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