Democrats Are TURNING On Hillary By The THOUSANDS! She’s DONE!

Hillary is officially the Democratic Nominee for President of the United States. We hate it. And so do…the Liberals? What?! YES!

You read that correctly. More and more Liberal pundits and goverment types are coming out and saying that they aren’t sure Hillary is the best choice for the party (we could have told you that). Yesterday, Rachel Maddow, one of the more vocal Liberals there is, said that Bill Clinton’s speech was weird and awkward. Not a great start. But today we’re getting a better feel for the tone of the Liberal mindset after Obama’s speech and the rest of the DNC big guns they brought out.

It’s lukewarm at best. Here’s Washington Free Beacon managing editor Aaron McLean to speak on this.

We agree in full. Hillary won’t change anything. She’s Obama 2.0. All of her policies will only be a continuation of what Obama’s done to this country over the past 8 years. Hillary will destroy the middle class, continue Obamacare’s ravaging of our wallets, and enact countless gun control and gun violence laws that will make the country less safe.

We cannot afford to let her into office. She needs to lose to make sure this country doesn’t sink into oblivion.

(Source: YouTube)
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