Democracy Broadcasting: ‘Trump as classic tragic hero,’ Prof. Victor Davis Hanson at Pepperdine conference – VIDEO Introduced by Pete Peterson, Dean, School of Public Policy, Prof. Victor Davis Hanson, compares Trump to tragic heroes in classical literature, at Pepperdine University conference, “Toward a Conservatism of Connection: Reclaiming the American Project” held June 2018.

0:00 or this keynote night in this keynote
0:01 conversation and we’re thinking about
0:04 someone who has analyzed and understood
0:08 not only where we are politically but
0:10 culturally, Dr. Hanson was certainly at
0:13 the top of our list.
So without any
0:15 further ado please join me in welcoming
0:17 Dr. Victor Davis Hanson. (Applause)
“Thank you very much.
0:26 I’m very happy to be back here at
0:28 Pepperdine. For four years I drove seven
0:32 I think was 16 Mondays. I got to
0:37 know the 405 the 101 and traffic
0:40 patterns. But I came every Sunday night
0:42 and taught the Graduate course at thise
0:44 school tonight
0:44 I really enjoyed it it was a wonderful
0:47 experience I thought I’d speak for about
0:49 30 minutes and open it up to questions
0:52 you noticed that Donald Trump inside
0:55 civil war in every institution you’re at
0:59 the Hoover Institution wherever in civil
1:01 war at National Review Worman a writer
1:03 we’re having a civil war I think the war
1:06 is over at the Bradley Foundation where
1:07 I’m on the board but it’s everywhere so
1:09 I guess it’s good in some sense that
1:11 there’s a turmoil but I’d like to ask
1:16 ourselves collectively whether Trump was
1:18 a catalyst or was the asymptomatic cyst
1:22 what we have to invent him I kind of
1:23 think that we would whether we knew it
1:27 or not over the last 30 40 years of the
1:31 end of the Cold War and the globalized
1:33 project there were people who were not
1:35 engaged in it or were not a beneficiary
1:39 of it and they had they were developing


Crows 2332 One of the best summations of someone that was more than required, to come along at the right time, to try and stop a country from sinking further into a cesspit of globalist destruction. Can’t believe, so many people, would gladly see their country destroyed and burnt to the ground, rather than have President Trump, succeed in making the country a better place? It’s like the citizens that demand to have their own rights taken away from them, and basically, demand to have their Constitutional protecting rights taken away from themselves! Like sheep demanding the wolves eat them!
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