Dead Babies Main Ingredient In Chinese Health Pills Reports South Korea News Documentary

~II~ THE WATCHTOWERS ~II~A South Korea News Documentary Reports China’s Largest Hospital Sells Fetuses, Placenta, And Dead Babies To A Pill Manufacturer That Uses The Human Remains To Make Stamina Pills

Ancient Chinese Secret -- Dead Babies For Stamina

Ancient Chinese Secret — Dead Babies For Stamina

A report on Gizmodo reveals a South Korean news documentary investigating rumors that Chinese companies are making pills out of dead babies has reportedly found the pills in question contained  “99.7% human stuff” .

Are Chinese Companies Selling Pills Made of Dead Babies

I really hope this South Korean report is false: Chinese pharmaceutical companies are buying baby corpses from hospitals, grinding them into pills, and then selling them as stamina boosters. Feel free to gag uncontrollably now and then keep reading.

According to the documentary created by South Korean SBS TV, the baby material comes from stillborn births and abortion clinics, and is produced by a microwave drying process. […]

SBS claims a DNA test found 99.7% human stuff crammed inside the tablets—which Google disturbingly translates as “man capsules”—and was fresh enough to distinguish gender. […]

Source: Gizmodo

The Gizmodo article quotes a report on Geeko System which gives more details.

China is Reportedly Selling Pills Made Out of Dead Babies to Enhance Stamina

Supposedly, there was a rumor floating around that somewhere in China, pills made out of dead babies were being sold. A Korean television documentary team decided to track down the truth behind this rumor, and reportedly found a hospital that sells dead babies — mostly abortions or stillbirths, with “mostly” being a scary word here when you think about it — to medicine companies. The team found that when the hospital has a “deceased baby case,” the staff are instructed to immediately alert the medicine company.

The television team also reportedly uncovered the process by which the dead baby pills are made. Supposedly, the medicine companies store the dead babies in a “normal family’s refrigerator,” so as to be undiscoverable, and when they are ready to use the dead baby, they put it into a medical drying microwave. Once dry, they grind the dead baby up and put the powder into a pill capsule.

Supposedly, the television team paid a lot of money to get some of the pills, and when they tested them, found the pills’ contents were 99.7 percent human, and were also able to discern the babies’ gender from the powder, as well as found hair and nail remnants.


Source: Geeko System

A Google translation of the South Korean news documentary reveals that dead babies, fetuses and placenta are harvested from staff at medical facilities and sold to the pill makers for a large sum of money. It goes on to report that medical staff and nurses at China’s largest hospital are part of the dead baby trade organization. The medical professionals are reported to contact contractors whenever dead babies, fetuses and placenta become available who then comes and picks remains and takes them to the pill manufacturer where they are ground up and used to manufacture the pills.

The Gizmodo article also points out that the rumors of the dead baby industry are not new with rumors and videos about Chinese companies dead babies for human consumption for years pointing to a report from 2003 which Gizmodo offers to add to the credibility of the claims being made in the South Korean news documentary.

Suitcases packed with 28 Chinese babies for sale

Police in south-western China discovered 28 baby girls hidden in nylon suitcases on a long-distance bus, apparently destined to be sold, police and a state-run newspaper said.

One of the babies had died by the time police, acting on a tip-off, found them last week when the bus was stopped at a motorway toll gate in Bingyang, Guangxi province, the Beijing News said.

Police at the Bingyang police station said more than 20 suspects, some among the bus passengers, had been arrested. The babies ranged in age from a few days to about three months.

[…]The babies seemed to have been drugged to keep them from crying. Some were starting to turn purple as temperatures had dropped on the bus during the night.


The 27 surviving babies, who were in stable condition, were being cared for at the Minorities Weisheng School in nearby Nanlin district, police said.

[…]So far no one had claimed the infants. “It’s possible the parents gave the babies away. Family planning policy is very strict and they probably had exceeded their birth limit and wanted to give the babies away to avoid fines,” the officer said.


Child and female trafficking is a serious problem in China, with cases regularly reported in newspapers. Children are sold to childless families or to couples who want more, while older girls or women are sold as brides to poor farmers.

A report issued by the United Nations’ children’s agency in 2001 said more than a quarter of a million women and children have been victims of trafficking in China in recent decades.

Source: AFP

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