“Damage Of Biblical Proportions”: Obama Official Lets Cat Out Of Bag On Edward Snowden Damage

The latest information that we have gotten on the Edward Snowden case continues to highlight what a bombshell this information ‘stolen’ by Edward Snowden has become to the Obama administration; using terminology like ‘damage of biblical proportions’ and ‘doomsday cache’, we’re told that Edward Snowden stole everything…literally everything…” Several newly released video reports on this unfolding issue below.

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden stole vastly more information than previously speculated, and is holding it at ransom for his own protection.

“What’s floating is so dangerous, we’d be behind for twenty years in terms of access (if it were to be leaked),” a ranking Department of Defense official told the Daily Caller.

“He stole everything — literally everything,” the official said.

Last month British and U.S. intelligence officials speculated Snowden had in his possession a “doomsday cache” of intelligence information, including the names of undercover intelligence personnel stationed around the world.

“Everything you don’t want the enemy to know, he has,” the official said. “Who we’re listening to, what we’re after — they’d shut us down.”

The damage would be “of biblical proportions,” the official said.

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