Crimea: ‘Putin’ toilet roll causes a stir

6 October 2014
Crimea: ‘Putin’ toilet roll causes a stir

A roll of VV toilet paper

The locally-made toilet paper (B.B. is V.V. in the Cyrillic alphabet) has caused complaints

brand of toilet paper is causing a stir in Crimea because its name has
the same initials as Russia’s president, it’s been reported.
The “V.V.” brand toilet paper has been criticised by
customers in Simferopol because it alludes to “Vladimir Vladimirovich”,
the first two names of Russian President Putin, Radio Free Europe says.

Russia caused international anger earlier this year by annexing Crimea
after Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted from
power. Crimea’s Russian majority are fiercely loyal to Moscow, and
customers found the perceived link to Putin’s name difficult to take,
RFE reported.

The Sevastopol News newspaper
said that one user was “outraged” at the fact that the maker of the
product – the Simferopol Paper Mill – had included an outline of the
Crimean peninsula on the roll, the implication being that the map would
be put to a potentially disrespectful purpose. However, the toilet roll
may just be the result of local patriotism – the packing also says “Buy
Crimean!” in large letters.

A toilet roll featuring pictures of Vladimir Putin

Toilet rolls featuring pictures of Vladimir Putin are a popular novelty in Ukraine

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