Crazy dutch guy stabs his ex girlfriend 70 times in her neck! WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO!!!

Warning – Item Crazy dutch guy stabs his ex girlfriend 70 times in her neck might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.

Crazy dutch guy stabs his ex girlfriend 70 times in her neck

A video of a gruesome stabbing played an important role in the lawsuit against a
35-year-old from Rotterdam last year, when he stabbed his ex-girlfriend
more than seventy times with a knife.

Against the will of his lawyer bloody images were shown in the courtroom.

” This is not sensationalism, but to find out the truth,”the judge explained.

The prosecutor wanted the whole movie being showed in the courtroom.

” It is not just the stabbing but it has also triggered a massive shock to the bystanders.

The movie, we can see the facts what happened.

I can try to capture in words, but the movie makes it clear at once.”

The lawyer thought that the stories of witnesses, the statement of the
victim and the confession of the suspect were enough to make clear what
had played.

This movie makes the case unnecessarily sensational.

The judge spoke against this.

“It is the truth. In many criminal cases, we wanted there was a movie to see what exactly has happened.

Now we get the chance to see it with my own eyes.”

The victim left the room when the movie was shown.

Suspect Marcel L. repeatedly looked away while on a giant screen the
clip showed how he was stabbing his ex-girlfriend for minutes.

First slowly, but after the seemingly kicking of bystanders even faster until he gets hold down.

It is a miracle that Claire is still alive.

The 22-year-old from Schiedam still suffers daily under her injury.
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