CoVid  for Dummies (With Pictures and a Narrative for Ultra Dummies!!!) What I am saying in the end is this points an obvious finger at corruption

CoVid  for Dummies (With Pictures and a Narrative for Ultra Dummies!!!)
By: MARsSPEED – The Doom Filter

What I am saying in the end is this points an obvious finger at corruption, the Democaratic States with Democratic run state governments to push their political agenda, causing unimaginable damage to out country.

I really hope this doesn’t get me killed but rather ends up in front of DJT.

Somebody questioned my motives about using Child Abuse as a political talking point. Really, it’s just fact and I care after going through childhood problems myself of a different sort. They said, “Why don’t you do something about it?!?!?”

Well, today I am.

Please do your best to make this viral. Screen shot it before it gets deleted. I’ve been working with numbers for 20 years and have seen the writing on the wall from the beginning. This is easily the most important post I have ever written.

All of the below pictures are from unbiased websites including WorldOmeters.

First we’ll look at a map of current restrictions by state, blue being the “Most Open” with the least amount of contingencies. You will see an obvious parallel with the political affiliation with the states.


Next we look at death rate per million people of each state. A common arguing point against this is population. Remember, each of these states. As an example, Nashville is a city of almost 700,000 citizens and is also a popular tourist city. We’ll get back to that later.

Again, compare these states with the image above.

Now compare states with the highest death rate per million.

Again, compare with first image.

This just confirms what we already know, right? Stay-At-Home Orders don’t work and perhaps might have even hurt us more. Especially with the economy. We have no idea what is coming in that regard. I don’t even want to think about it…

Second, we can see a stark contrast in which Democrat run States and Republican run States.

Now I am really about to blow your mind. Below was a data study released by NYC.

Look at Deaths reported with underlying conditions first.
What this image tells you is that 0.7% of CoVid Deaths are a statistical fact without underlying conditions.

So the statistical death rate on May 13th, 2020 (185,206 positive tests) in NYC, without underlying conditions, is


We can debate underlying conditions all day. There is no fact based science either way which killed the patient, CoVid, Diabetes, or High Blood Pressure. One thing is for sure, CoVid does help kill. NOBODY REALLY KNOWS HOW MUCH because whoever is in charge has managed to dilute the data with ifs, and(s), and but(s).

Numbers don’t lie, people do.

I’ll leave you with this in comparison. Remember how the media defends against this. “They don’t have a bid city, big population, blah, blah, blah”….Texas as you know is open for business!!!


Now for the cherry on top.

Mumbai City in India has a pop. of 18.6 million people. Mumbai also has the 5th highest density of people per square kilometer. Mumbai is one of the most disease ridden and dirtiest cities in the entire world.

Total CoVid Related Deaths in Mumbai City 05/21


New York City, Pop. 8.3999 million people. It has the 8th highest density of people per square kilometer. We know NYC is one of the most advanced Cities in the world.

Total CoVid Related Deaths in New York City as of 05/21

Since we all process information differently, I’m saying these numbers are BS and we all should be out enjoying ourselves. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

If this does not break through and tell you what is going on, than you cannot be helped. I feel sorry for you.
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