COVID-19: A Study in Psychological Coercion & Hypnosis

Author’s Note: Please consider saving this evidence – before the powers that shouldn’t be shove it down the memory hole.

By fortiori
This pandemic is so scripted and contrived you can practically see the puppet strings at work on nearly all of the participating politicians and media personalities.

Given that they are winding down the virus propaganda machine just in time to ramp up the war propaganda machine – until the next virus comes along right on cue – let’s put those scripted fear-mongering lies under a microscope and examine them in order to arm ourselves with the knowledge we need to guard ourselves against the next wave of deception:

New Normal  ●  Alone Together  ●  Build Back Better  ●  Flatten the Curve
Stay Home Save Lives  ●  Protect/Save the NHS  ●  We’re all in this together
Test, Trace, Treat  ●  Stay smart, Stay Safe, Stay Open  ●  We Stay Home!
Don’t Panic, Don’t Rush, Don’t Overstock  ●  Only You Can Prevent the Spread
Stay Home, Your Home is Your Lifeline  ●  Stay Home, Save Lives, Avoid Stage 5
NHS: We Stay At Work for You – You Stay At Home For Us  ●  COVID Ends With You
Follow The Science  ●  Trust The Science  ●  Believe In The Science
Be Informed, Be Prepared, Be Smart, Be Safe: Be Ready to Fight COVID-19
The vaccine will save us  ●  The booster will save us  ●  The 4th dose is the answer
Your freedom ends where your contagion begins  ●  Self Isolate!
I wear my mask to protect you and you wear your mask to protect me
It’s Safe and Effective  ●  Out of an abundance of caution
There is no evidence that the vaccine is harmful…

These are not science terms and phrases. They are hypnotic chants meant to induce an audience into a suggestive state of mind – this is why they are repeated over and over and over again.

Furthermore, masking has historically been an integral part of an initiation ritual: in our case the initiation into the “new normal” the globalists have planned for us.

Put another way all of this was one giant world-wide psychological operation. Here is a collection of authorities admitting this with its horrible effects woven through them. Take the time to read through this–the crimes are horrible:













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