Coronavirus outbreak: European health officials discuss response to the virus | FULL – VIDEO

The head of the Stockholm-based European Centre for Disease Control, Andrea Ammon, and the head of the Swedish health agency Johan Carlson, held a news conference on the spread of the coronavirus and what steps are being taken in Europe to stop it from spreading.

Europe has had one virus death among its 47 confirmed cases, an 80-year-old Chinese tourist in Paris who was initially turned away by two French hospitals. Italy says 14 of 25 Italian crew members aboard the troubled Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been struck under quarantine in Japan, will take an Italian evacuation military flight home. The other 11, including the captain of the ship, will stay, the Italian Foreign Ministry said.

No date for the Italian air force plane’s departure for Japan has been decided yet. Elsewhere, about 500 passengers left the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan Wednesday at the end of a two-week quarantine.

It’s not clear how many Canadians were allowed off the ship, which some experts have called a perfect new coronavirus incubator. Earlier today, Japan announced 79 more cases aboard the ship, bringing the total to 621.

Global Affairs says it has not yet confirmed the departure date for a plane that will carry Canadians home from Japan.
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