Conspiracy Theory Websites Monitored, Censored By CISPA

June 4, 2014 in The Illuminati by Clouverse

Southeast, Wyoming — Confronted with permanent shutdown due to divisive material, conspiracy theory websites are bracing for eventual censorship by CISPA for subversive content. CISPA, also known as Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, recently enacted sharing of Internet traffic information between U.S. government and companies. Sources fear this enactment could lead to a conflict of interest within the government and business sectors. Yet conspiracy theorists also believe CISPA could sanitize any type of information deemed dangerous to the National Security of America. If the law passes, many believe this could mean a virtual “kill switch” for many forums, many of which have been around for decades.

Conspiracy theory sources predict suppression in part for Godlike Productions, one of the oldest and busiest conspiracy theory forum on the web. Sources believe CISPA will withhold the truth about UFOs, politics, current events, and secret societies, a focus of Godlike Productions. “This would explain the usually high amount of bans users of these websites receive.” The informal forum-based structure attracts many members to Godlike Productions over the years. Many of these members share subversive viewpoints. Godlike Productions became famous for interviews with former Illuminati Grand Master, Leo Lyon Zagami. With major conspiratorial headlines and stories of the day discussed, Godlike Productions pulls news articles from conspiracy articles and other lesser alternative news sources. Much like Godlike Productions, Lunatic Outpost also pulls articles from alternative news sources with main topics discussing the conspiratorial aspect of the major headline stories. Yet, sources fear provocateur planted these stories to track the country’s dissenters.


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