Congress Planning Obama Impeachment After Bipartisan Debt Plan Rejected

The U.S congress is planning to file Articles of Impeachment against President Obama after he rejected another bipartisan plan debt plan to prevent U.S from a credit default.

Earlier today republicans warned President Obama that impeach proceedings would be brought against him if causes the nation to default on its debt.

Congressman Steve King, the Republic member of the House of Representative from Iowa, wrote on his twitter account Monday that President Barack Obama “would be impeached” if the nation falls into default.

Politico reported afterward on King’s threat and added that other members of congress are were also ready to bring impeachment charges against Obama over the debt talks. Rep. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) warned earlier this month it would be “an impeachable offense” and Bruce Fein has already drafted articles of impeachment for House republicans to introduce.

As the August 2nd deadline of a default on U.S. draws near, the major rating agencies have already warned that a credit rating downgrade may now be inevitable due to the political bickering within members of congress and with the President.

After the warnings of impeachment hearings were given to President Obama he rejected yet another bipartisan debt plan earlier today

The rejection of the plan means that a U.S. default may now be unavoidable as leader of both political parties have been pushed beyond the limits of concessions they are willing to make as part of a compromise.

The rejection of the plan has infuriated members of congress from both political parties who feel they are in a position were no further compromise can be made which has spurred talks of impeachment among circles in congress.

Digital Journal, reports “As the debt ceiling crisis spooked global markets and reports surfaced of President Obama’s rejection of a bipartisan plan, talk of impeachment is circulating among congressional circles” in their article with a headline reading “Obama rejects bipartisan debt plan, spurs impeachment planning.”

Whether the congress is really planning to begin impeachment proceedings or this is just political power play from Republicans to get more concessions from the Democrats is yet to be seen.

The Republicans were accused of having “moved backwards” in the negotiations in a press conference given earlier by Senator Schumer and Senator Reid who stated the GOP was looking to increase pentagon spending.

Later The GOP and the President took shots at each other in prime-time broadcasts to the nation.

First the president blamed conservative House Republicans for not being able to reach a deal that would avoid an imminent default on US national debt.

Watch – President Obama urges ‘balanced’ approach to debt

Minutes later in a rebuttal address, the house speaker accused President Obama of wanting a “blank check” and insisted the US government’s “spending binge” was over.

Watch: House Speaker Boehner: ‘Obama wants a blank check’

At the same time, while the GOP impeachment talks are based on launching charges due to a debt default a Reuters report that just hit the wire reveals that President Obama has several options to avoid default even if a debt deal is not reached.

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