Confession Of A Fema Employee (Video) BEWARE!

By Susan Duclos

The video below resonates, and is terrifying in its simplicity because it reveals the mindset of the Obama administration, the FEMA preparations, some of the reasons behind it and what is planned for Americans, especially those protesting the government actions.

If these claims are true, then it truly makes one wonder, why the media isn’t all over the story.

Or perhaps they are and as in many other admitted instances, they are not reporting it for the masses because they were asked not to by the administration.

Via the YouTube details:

The word is (DPS) Deptartment Of Public Safety is being strict to State workers. He said he never seen them behave like this since the five years he has been around them.Checking employee badges through out the buildings.If State workers are going through this treatment beware.
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