Colonel Lawrence Sellin: Obamas Ineligibility; Take Down Obama and the Rogue Government


Obama’s ineligibility: Prepare to defend America – Take down Obama and the rogue government
– Colonel Lawrence Sellin

If wanting to uphold the Constitution, restore the rule of law and save our country from destruction is now considered terrorism or even treason; then count me among the guilty.

When a government stops listening to the voice of the people; then count them among the tyrants that patriotic Americans have always stood against.

Deceitful and arrogant political leadership has made the entire federal government culpable of obstruction of justice and dereliction of duty.

Ignoring our Constitutional crisis and the endemic corruption of the political establishment will, without a doubt, lead to the end of the United States.

There is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama was illegally elected to the Presidency according to Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution and the Supreme Court binding precedent of Minor and Happersett.

There is no doubt that he committed felonies by forging birth documents and his Selective Service registration and has been illegally using a Social Security Number.
Finally, and most critically, there is no doubt that Obama does not want the United States to survive.

There is also no doubt that the political establishment, both Democrats and Republicans, have aided and abetted the Obama agenda by not challenging his Constitutional eligibility or providing vigorous opposition to his
destructive policies.

America is well down the road to national suicide.

As Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, stated:

“All of these entrenched Washington establishment politicians sold the country out in the last weeks when they agreed to a phony deficit reduction package, which they crowed about for days as if they had accomplished a ‘Godly’ feat, only to see that Standard and Poors and the financial markets saw through their deceitful and traitorous charade. Now the nation is in a downward nosedive, with disastrous ramifications not only for us but the world.”

It is time to take the gloves off. Waiting until the 2012 election is no longer an option.

Obama is a usurper and a criminal. He must be removed from office.

The Congress is hopelessly corrupt and incompetent. They must be replaced.

Patriotic Americans must protest and begin acts of civil disobedience, which may be our last best effort to prevent the violence seen in Great Britain from happening in the United States.

There will be a “Pitchfork Rally” at 10 AM on August 15, 2011 at the steps of the Georgia state capital to support Georgia’s “Presidential Eligibility Assurance Act” to ensure that the usurper Obama cannot run for President in 2012.

Larry Klayman has announced “Assault on Washington – call for civil disobedience to remove Democrat and Republican leaders” to be held week of September 17, 2011 – Constitution Day in Washington, D.C. to “rid our nation of the Democrat and Republican self serving political leaders who are in the process of destroying our nation, before it is too late.”

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