CNN Asks Ron Paul To Drop Out & Endorse Romney Despite His Chances To Win

Ron Paul on CNN “Newsroom”. They continue to attack and ask Ron Paul to drop out. Ron Paul still has a good chance to win and continues to get asked to endorse Mitt Romney and just give up. 5/9/2012


CNN is such a joke of a news organization. It lost legitimacy to me a long, long time ago. Her tone was condescending and patronizing, almost to the point of being insulting. Way to go for journalistic integrity, CNN.


I pity the miserable situation of CNN clowns.
Ron Paul is going to make AIPAC disciples lose billions of Dollars.
The Honeymoon has become OVER.

Oh STFU you stoopid beotch. Do some real news reporting instead of asking a real hero stupid questions

who is this ugly bitch? with her condesending tone. It’s a race you idiot, Why are you asking him to run out of the race and endorse that joke? ughhhh no wonder why people don’t watch CNN for news

CNN is a turd circling the drain, we don’t have to watch but’s satisfying from our vantage point since we’re us and that’s a turd, about to disappear forever. CNN you’re losing your relevance just as the financial service industry is losing its monopoly on scamming everyone. We found out you’re nothing more than Goldman Sachs et al’s bought and paid for commercials. We know that you know inside, it’s over. Morals are becoming more valuble and popular than money

t’s okay CNN, you viewership numbers are dropping yearly. You’re basically becoming obsolete.

wow. cnn is ridiculous….

CNN is such a Joke. Wake up America. Impeach Obama. Elect Ron Paul and shut down CNN and ban such BS media forever!
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