Chinese State Media: “Our Collapse Will Be Worse Than The Fall Of The USSR”

Russell Leigh Moses notes at China Real Time that a recent Xinhua News Agency headline, “The consequences of China’s collapse will be even worse than the Soviet Union’s,” has sparked a strong debate on Chinese social media sites. According to Moses, Xinhua warns that China could face misery and poverty because of “the destabilizing activity of its growing population of microbloggers.” In January Gao Yu at Seeing Red in China published a leaked speech Xi Jinping apparently gave to Party members in which he attributed the Soviet Union’s collapse to the lack of ideological conviction on the part of its Communist leaders. Chinese leaders have long debated the causes of the Soviet Union’s collapse.
How bizarre is it to see the state media more or less admit they are on the verge of collapse?  In fact, today, they had to bail out their shipping industry.  This tells me that the world economy isbroke.  Not just ours here in America.  The collective collapse of China and the USA will send shockwaves the world over and the consequences will be deadly.  All because a bunch of greedy capitalist scumbags wanted more money and screwed millions of lives in the rpocess doing it.
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