Chinese Regime Warns Google May Be Punished

The Chinese military is blaming the U.S. government for deliberately launching a global “Internet War” to bring down China. It’s in response to the recent Gmail hacking accusations made by Google.

Just 17 months ago, Google traced the origin of the attacks to the city of Jinan, home to a military vocational school. Chinese officials have repeatedly denied both attacks, claiming Google is being used as a “political tool.”

[David Gewirtz, Executive Director of the U.S. Strategic Perspective]:
“China is claiming that, Google is an American company, and so therefore, Google is responding to American government desires. Frankly, knowing Google, it’s probably the reverse. I think Google has a lot more influence in many cases than the American government does in these sorts of issues.”

Chinese authorities have threatened Google with retaliation – yet have not specified what those retaliations would be. Commentators are taking those threats seriously.

[Gordon Chang, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China”]:

“All Chinese threats should be taken seriously. Beijing has been undermining Google’s operations ever since the company entered china, and clearly we have seen Google lose market share. This is a serious threat.”

Wikileaks has confirmed the hacking attacks came from China. And a number of other governments say they’ve been victims of Chinese hackers. The Chinese regime denies those attacks and claims they are also victims.

[Gordon Chang, Author of “The Coming Collapse of China”]:
“China is going to get valuable information from Gmail accounts of senior government officials. Although there might not be confidential information, they will get information that can lead to confidential information.”

Google’s allegations are under investigation by the FBI. No official U.S. government email accounts have been seriously compromised.

Linda Nguyen, NTD News, New York.
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