China’s Hong Kong law is ‘an affront to all nations’: Pompeo – VIDEO

China's Hong Kong law is 'an affront to all nations': Pompeo - YouTube

State secretary mike #Pompeo said the u-s is deeply concerned about people’s safety in hong kong.

China’s new hong kong security law just came into effect– it not only applies to locals but also foreigners as well. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that #China’s Hong Kong #NationalSecurityLaw is “an affront to all nations”.

Article 38 of the new law also purports to apply to offenses committed outside of Hong Kong by non-residents of Hong Kong, and this likely includes Americans.

The new law is intended not only for Hongkongers but also for foreign nationals. Pompeo said the US is deeply concerned about the safety of everyone in Hong Kong.

He added the state department will continue to implement President #Trump‘s directive to end #HongKong‘s special status.

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