“3. Recently, citizens reported that they were interrogated by the US border customs law enforcement officers for a long time and checked the mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices they carried with them when they left the country.

Some of the electronic devices were temporarily detained by law enforcement officers for further inspection. Please take the flight personnel to understand the US entry and exit regulations and improve self-protection awareness to avoid inconvenience”

After Trump’s May 29th press conference, the White House announced that from June 1st, certain Chinese students and researchers will be suspended from entering the United States.

WATCH | President Trump Holds a News Conference – VIDEO | May 29, 2020 Live

Subsequently, the Chinese Embassy in the United States issued a notice saying that some Chinese students will be arranged to return to China.
The notice reminds international students that mobile phones and computers may be checked when they leave the country, asking them to “raise their awareness of self-protection to avoid inconvenience and damage to themselves when they leave the country.”


The notice reminds Chinese students that their phones & computers can be checked when exiting the customs, and asks them to “raise your awareness of self-protection so as not to cause any inconvenience or loss to yourself when you leave the country.”

After the US, China is evacuating citizens from India as border tensions escalate

China has issued a notice to evaculate any citizens facing ‘difficulties’ in IndiaBCCL
  • The Chinese Embassy in India has issued a notice to evacuate its citizens from India as coronavirus cases continue to increase and border tensions escalate.
  • China’s Embassy in the US as issued a similar notice earlier this month, however, applications have not been getting approved by the US authorities according to China’s spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry.
  • Relations between the US and China are on the brink of a cold war as per experts, which could force other countries, like India, to choose sides.

The Chinese Embassy in India posted a notice on its website to help its citizens India come home if they’re facing ‘difficulties’. The announcement comes in after tensions between the two countries have reportedly been escalating along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and coronavirus cases in India continue to rise.

“Through the unified arrangement of the ministry of foreign affairs and relevant departments, the Chinese diplomatic and consular missions in India will assist international students in India, tourists, temporary business visitors who have difficulties and are in urgent need to take a temporary flight back home to China.”

Notice by the Chinese Embassy


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