China orders bulk medical supplies amid 2nd virus outbreak;Trump: US to react strongly to new HK law

China orders bulk medical supplies amid 2nd virus outbreak;Trump ...


The Chinese Communist Party is ordering large amounts of medical supplies from Chinese manufacturers, arousing fears the country is preparing for a second wave of the CCP virus.

One expert says the virus is behaving very differently in northeastern China. He notes three major differences from Wuhan.

China has kicked off its most important annual political meetings in Beijing. Authorities are also tightening their grip on suppressing ordinary citizens seeking redress from state governments.

A pro-Democracy local official in China was recently forced into a mental hospital by authorities. This after she went to Beijing distributing leaflets appealing for Democratic reforms in China.

And the Chinese Communist Party’s latest efforts to infiltrate Hong Kong’s legal system– CCP officials introduced a new national security law. And Trump says the US will react strongly if the law is enacted.

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