China launched a massive social media campaign to get other countries to lockdown and destroy their economies

This is a must read thread. China launched a massive social media campaign to get other countries to lockdown and destroy their economies. Presumably to close down foreign competitor companies to Chinese exports.

1/5 This @nytimes article by @paulmozur is a smoking gun on the genesis of the coronavirus lockdowns. According to the article, the CCP launched a massive social media campaign in ITALY to advertise its coronavirus lockdown measures in early March.

2/5 The fact that CCP’s disinformation campaign focused on Italy is crucial. Italy was the first country outside China to lock down. The rest of the world followed Italy’s lead.

3/5 But CCP’s campaign wasn’t limited to Italy. The article states that this Tweet advertising China’s lockdown policy to the world is fake. It has 142,000 likes. Tweets like this prove CCP was actively selling the world on Wuhan-style lockdowns in early March.


4/5 Next, if you search for the URL of that fake Tweet (https: //, you’ll find it retweeted by many accts around the world. Each acct is suspicious—they Tweet incessantly about COVID until Floyd’s death, then solely BLM.

5/5 The sheer scale of this operation and the number of accounts involved, and its influence around the world, is really remarkable. Thousands of accounts tweeting incessantly about COVID hysteria, then pivoting to incessant BLM and anti-police propaganda, in every country

6/5 The day after @paulmozur‘s NYT article was published, @Twitter suspended over 170,000 fake Chinese accounts. But none of the fake accounts involved in the ring described above were suspended. This problem is much larger than Twitter acknowledges.

China created thousands of fake Twitter accounts to fight information wars over the Hong Kong protests.

7/5 More than 50 NIH scientists fired due to China ties. Hundreds more under investigation. By co-opting scientists and academics while aggressively promoting lockdowns through social media propaganda, China made lockdown pseudoscience seem sound.

8/5 Though CCP’s influence operations in media, politics, and academia were surreptitious, its stance in support of global adoption of COVID lockdowns was explicit. Here is China’s foreign spokesperson promoting strict social distancing among children:

“in fact, we have heard from federal, state, and even local officials that Chinese diplomats are aggressively urging support for China’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis. Yes, this is happening at both the federal and state levels.”

This collage is a tiny sample of the fake accounts CCP used to popularize COVID lockdowns. In these Tweets, CCP sends its regards to the world by denigrating every other government in the world, using many dialects, and contrasting them with its authoritarian “success.”


These Tweets were easily identified using leads in

‘s NYT article. Here, hundreds of fake accounts whine about “washing their hands” while China locks down. Nearly identical Tweets are made in many languages. fake Spanish Tweets—


Twitter responded the following day by saying they’d removed the 170,000 accounts in this campaign. But Twitter lied. These fake CCP accounts, and presumably hundreds of thousands of others, are still doing CCP’s bidding. fake French Tweets—


In cooperation with FBI, National Science Foundation reports between 14-18 cases of undisclosed China financial ties. This is in addition to the 175 cases of undisclosed China financial ties earlier reported by the NIH, a much larger organization.
Exclusive: US National Science Foundation reveals first details on foreign-influence investigations
The funding agency has taken action in 16–20 cases in which foreign ties were not properly reported.

“Sweden—partly due to its own COVID-19 response—has been a prime target of a Chinese campaign portraying Western democracies as weak against the threat. Sweden is one of few countries that ordered no lockdown and put its faith in herd immunity.”







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