China completes the largest building in the world

New century global center

Here are some other jaw-dropping stats, courtesy the Associated Press, NBC and CNet:

– It’s as large as 329 football fields
– It’s 1,300 feet wide, 328 feet high
– The water park can accommodate 6,000 visitors – at once
– The largest video screen is nearly 500 feet wide
– It will contain not one, but a pair of 1,000-room, five-star hotels
– There’s a 14-screen Imax theatre and skating rink
– For your shopping pleasure, you’ll find a replica Mediterranean town
– It’s three-times larger than the Pentagon and could hold 20 Sydney Opera Houses inside
– It’s roughly the same size as Monaco
– It took three years to build

Oh, yeah, it has its own (fake) sunlight that also warms you.
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