Chicago police warn of ‘civil unrest’ over Paul O’Neal cop shooting – VIDEO HERE

Chicago’s police review board has released graphic videos relating to the fatal shooting of unarmed teenager Paul O’Neal as he fled a traffic stop.

The videos dramatically capture the scene as officers fire toward the stolen Jaguar that O’Neal is in. O’Neal then exits the vehicle, and multiple officers give chase on foot. Officers direct expletives toward O’Neal as he lies on the ground wounded, with one calling him a “mother f—er.” The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office told Heavy that O’Neal was shot in the back.

“What I saw was a cold-blooded murder,” said Michael Oppenheimer, the O’Neal family attorney.

The first video (above) shows an officer get out of his squad car and shoot at the Jaguar as it drives toward and then past him. A foot chase ensues. The officer gives chase, but an officer ahead of him jumps over a gate. The first officer can’t get over the gate, but multiple gunshots are heard. Then, the officer goes around another way to encounter officers who are gathered around the shooting scene. One officer calls O’Neal a “mother F—er” and an officer says, “Hands behind your back. Don’t F—ing shoot at us. Put your hands behind your back mother F—er.” (The officer used the actual expletive).

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