Chemtrail Researcher Harrassed by Mercenaries

[A gripping, true account of a brave woman who dared to take action. Save this story, it has been “disappeared” so many times and from so many places on the internet it took me almost a year to finally get a full copy. This wonderful woman has not been daunted by these incidents and continues in her campaign for truth and exposure to this day, sharing research and information as fast as she can for the empowerment of others. – Zen]

(Originally from WillThomasOnline):

Sandra started out trying to figure out the chemtrails in November 2007. Debilitated with Lyme disease, she was directing a conference when some researchers concerned for her health and exposure told her about chemtrails. A few months ago, Sandra went to the mayor, chief of police and county commissioner near Tampa, Florida with her pictures of chemtrails over the Tampa, Florida area – and chemtrails complaint. The county commissioner
went to see the state congressional Representative Bill Young.

The chemtrails stopped.

They weren’t completely blatant.”They would go out into the gulf and spray and let them come in”, Sandra explained. “They’re not spraying directly anymore”, she reconfirmed. They’re sneaky about it. When it’s getting ready to rain, they’ll spray above the clouds. Sandra knows a “very well known microbiologist who has three dead friends” and whom she does not reveal to anyone. Using a 20,000-power microscope he looked at her samples of chemtrails fallout caught in a sterile dish in her front yard – not rain, but actual powder falling from the sky.

“That’s what fell outside of the house that day,’” she explains. “Literally on those heavy days you can write your name on your car. The worst days, when people feel bad and there are a lot of accidents, we have a pink haze.”

Sandra describes the chemtrails fallout she collected as “dirty, fibery, like crusted salt kind of stuff. You could see these fibers with your eyes.” One colorful microscope slide photograph she sent me shows the twists of what could be a “viral capsid.” Sandra says of her microbiologist friend, “He had never seen anything like it.” But the microbiologist “didn’t feel comfortable just looking at it,” she relates. “I would want whatever I do for you to stand up in a court of law,” he told her. But “I can’t identify what I don’t know.”

Still, he was seeing all kinds of people coming in with the same health issues. And he was certain it was from the chemtrails. “He’s mad about them,” Sandra says. “Though he can’t prove that.” The Nematodes found in her blood samples – “basically like a worm” – were real enough. And implicated in MS  and Lupus. “We killed them and I’m good to go,” Sandra now says.

But when she took her chemtrail fallout sample to an E-A-approved lab, it had to be diluted five times in order to get a reading. The aluminum measured in the fallout was literally off the scale – “out of range and abnormal” as the lab told Sandra. But so many of the health safety limits have been changed or removed, she couldn’t even find EP- safety levels for the levels of barium also recorded by the lab. The arsenic levels – most likely from contaminated groundwater – were extremely high.

The barium readings in Tampa echo high barium readings found in city lab tests of rainwater after it passed through chemtrails over Edmonton, Alberta. As barium becomes scarce for medical use as a disease tracer in hospitals, the state g-vernment of California is also reporting very high levels of barium – with no known industrial source.

The World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland estimates the natural concentration of barium in the air to be less than 0.05 µg/ litre. Batch Number C3864 of the lab test #080207.14 now in my hands found barium in the chemtrails fallout at 0.05U. According to the WHO: “Barium doses as low as 0.2-0.5 g have been found to lead to toxic effects in adult human beings. Recent studies from the USA showed exposure levels in drinking-water ranging from 1 to 20 µg/litre. Absorption may be significantly higher in children. Absorbed barium enters the bloodstream and various soft tissues, and is deposited in the bone and are toxic. Acute effects of barium ingestion include salivation, nausea, diarrhoea, twitching, flaccid paralysis of skeletal muscle, respiratory muscle paralysis, and ventricular fibrillation that may lead to death.

Clinical features of barium poisoning include: acute gastroenteritis – a commonly reported symptom of chemtrail-related illness. The European Economic Community classifies barium as a poisonous substance. Labels must read: “Harmful by inhalation – avoid contact with skin.”

Louisiana News 12 TV carried a story on chemtrails story that included lab tests showing barium falling from the sky at 3-times toxic levels set by E-A.
Then the mayor called her to say that the county monitoring system was picking up arsenic in its air and water. Also barium, aluminum and something radioactive – radon, perhaps.

Sandra is a Registered Nurse. On a recent heavy spray day at her local hospital, a doctor told her, “Hey this is through the roof. Don’t get sick now because there’s no room.” Doctors described the sudden epidemic as “unknown viral upper respiratory”.

Sandra sent me pages of obituaries for people who died suddenly after heavy spraying – and were not that old. “Look at those ages,” she told me over the phone. “lt’s shocking.”

Surveillance Sets In

Shortly after she went to the mayor and country commissioner with her chemtrails concerns, strange cars, trucks and vans started parking in front or
patrolling past her house. The privately contracted surveillance kicked in about three months ago when she went to the city and federal officials. `It’s really worse the last seven or eight weeks,’ she says.

One night when her husband was away traveling she shot up in bed facing a big white Hummer sitting there with engine running. She turned on the lights, turned up the stereo and “put a flashlight on them.” She called the phone company, saying “I am having an issue. I want to trace this.” The phone company could only tell her what time she got the call. “It’s completely blocked,” a company rep told her. “I’ve never seen this. I’m pretty sure it’s local.”

The cars that park in front of her house are very plain. But the “very new trucks are pretty decked out.” The brand new Dodge RAMs parked outside her house
have “not a dent” and are mostly painted red. One Dodge RAM blocked her driveway. When she called police, they came and questioned him. He said he was working with people burying phone lines and didn’t know it was private property.

Once she stood on her front steps and watched her son being chased on foot from a friend’s house down the street by a man from one of the surveillance cars. Then the interior lights in another parked car came on and she ran into the house as another “man came at me,” she related.

“They scrambled my phone so it wouldn’t work when I tried to call po-ice about my son.” So she went to a friend and she called the police.

Then an “Officer Durango” called and asked to speak with her. But he used a name for her that no one else uses. “I’m so sorry but I have to take a message,” she told him. She hit star 69 and got a small police substation. She knows her local polic- well through working with them on various community projects.

“Sandra,” said the officer, who was alone on duty, “we don’t have an officer Durango that works for us.” “It’s like they have shifts,” Sandra told me. “One
lady sits there [and pretends to be] reading a book.”  Once, Sandra approached her and they engaged in “chit-chat.” One man used to surveil her from an empty postal truck – just “sitting there taking notes,” as she described it.

One day Sandra went up to him and said, “What are you doing? I’m a mom. I’m a Christian. I’m a registered nurse. I don’t know why you are doing surveillance on me.” The fake “postal guy” told her:  I can’t believe this. You shouldn’t really be [watched]. You don’t do anything wrong. Your husband’s a [correctly named his profession] – right? What does he know?”

“Nothing. He thinks I’m crazy.”  “I like this weather w-r scalar technology – what we can do with weather,” the rent-a-spy confided. “Can it really create or aggravate a volcano or an earthquake? I saw that email. Is that really true?”

This confirmation that her emails are being monitored gave her pause. But her computer was already an open electronic book. She could also pull up websites discussing the North American Union – that, too, “got cars here pretty quickly,” she relates. HAARP “was another one of the sensitive” web searches that got cars out to her place.

“I can sit here right now and click in HAARP and I’ll have a car here in two minutes,’” she told me. “I am getting a whole lot of attention from these people.”When she goes to and clicks on “chemtrails” – “That will get a car here so fast.”  She recommends that everyone check out her  photos at

“They’ve crashed my computer in so many ways,” she says. Her Norton virus shield comes on and declares: “You have 44 viruses. Clear immediately!” Her screen goes bright red from its entire periphery into the middle. “Then whole thing’s black.” So far, she’s been able to unplug it and reset it. But the ZANGO virus gave her and her son a very hard time. It wouldn’t let us clear it out.”

One day, just walking out her front door, her cell phone rang and started displaying strange symbols. So far, Sandra has filed three different po-ice reports. At least one of the new cars parked outside her house was “written up” with a citation for having illegally tinted windows by pol-ce patrolling the neighborhood.
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