Cheating Death: 7-Minute Close Calls Compilation

Note: Some NSFW language.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve almost died. I’d say it’s in the thousands. I’m starting to wonder if I’m immortal, but none of my friends are brave enough to run me through with a pirate cutlass to find out. Maybe one of them will grow some balls and poison me this week. Thisis a seven minute compilation video of close calls. Mostly vehicle related. They reminded me why I don’t like driving. Plus gas is expensive and I don’t have a car or license. I do have a sweet bicycle though. Although somebody stole my seat while I had it parked at the gym. “You did not go to the gym.” I didn’t say I went to the gym, I just said my bike was parked there. Ironically, I was at the police station across the street volunteering to be a DETECTIVE. Apparently that is not a volunteer position.

Keep going for the video. Then board up your door and never go outside again.

Thanks to TANK, who isn’t afraid of anything on the road because he’s a f***ing tank.



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