Chaos At Nevada Democratic Convention; State Party Chair Flees Building As Sanders Supporters Demand Recount

Nevada Democratic Convention – “Leave in an orderly fashion – we don’t want to arrest people!”

Metro police brought in to force convention participants out after a heavy gavel. #TheDayDemocracyDied in #Nevada #NVdemconvention#LasVegas #BernieSanders #HillaryClinton


Roberta Lange Illegally Ends Nevada Convention #nvdemconvention

Basically, people waited more than 16 hours in the convention and temporary rules were introduced which included refusing 64 delegates from entering. The speaker actually asked for nay/yeas on whether or not to use the temporary rules, although she completely ignored the results and said it was incontestable. When someone called for a motion in recounting the delegates at the convention, Roberta Lange went up on stage quickly read from a piece of paper ignored the nay/yeas once again and abruptly ended the convention. This was then followed by outrage from delegates. I watched most of what happened on a periscope stream, democracy was ridiculed last night.

#teambernienv ‘motion to recount’ results in convention shut down and armed escorts forcing us to leave or be arrested for trespassing.

Eventually they shut the lights off to get the Sanders supporters out.


So far this video of a “fight” is the only sign of violence.



“Roberta Lange stole this,” said someone named Matt in the comments section of this article, about Chairwoman of the Nevada State Democratic Party & member of the DNC Executive Committee Roberta Lange: “It was not democracy. We had a motion for Recount on the Floor, Roberta ignored it, and called a motion to adjurn the meeting and then Ran out, even though the Nays won it. She did that on purpose, she is a crook, and needs to be kicked out of her position as Nevada Democratic Chair Woman. I am officially registering as an Independent, I was considering voting Hillary if I had to over Trump, she just changed my mind. She just proved Democrats are Crooks.” HaTTiP
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