CERN Restart Linked to Japan 9.0 Quake?

CERN Restart Linked to Japan 9.0 Quake

Mon 21 Mar 2011 01:38

CERN has restarted this week the LHC. A 9 earthquake has hit Japan. Soon the ultra-safe nuclear reactors that could never go wrong, like CERN, melted.

Abstract: The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest magnetic field on Earth after its center. Earthquakes are caused by changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. Since the machine switched on in 2010, there has been a significant -100% increase on Earthquakes from the statistical mean of 13 plus 7, to 21 in 2010 and this year mean of 25 . No other significant change on magnetic fields have taken place on Earth. Moreover, for the first time in history, two super-earthquakes over 8.8 in the Richter scale (Chile and Japan), happened in consecutive years… This possible chain of cause-effect, which we predicted in our first post on this web 2 years ago, added to the evident risks of 2014, when the machine upgrades its strength beyond the 10 Tev barrier of creation of black holes show the immense risks on human lives of this machine.

The degree of corruption of the Nuclear Industry, lack of safety measures, constant denial of risks and victims of Nuclear accidents (56 dead recognized in Chernobyl by the IAEA, when Belarus affirms 200.000 cancer victims) shows a pattern that CERN continues with its duplicity on the case of the Castor Papers in which it affirms it will likely make strangelets.

Meanwhile the company keeps defaulting suits and bypassing the last resolution of a German Court asking for a safety conference; and the general public and politicians blindly trust their ‘experts’, whose outdated theories are of no importance to the future of science, advancing through the new avenues opened by the 4th paradigm of multiple time arrows and topological spaces…

The anti-Nuclear movement and Green party should not continue its wishful blindness to this issue and demand the safety conferences asked by the German Court, understanding once and for all that CERN is not different from the rest of the Nuclear Industry, in its risks, its lack of safety standards, its use of newspeaks to diffuse those risks, its indifference for ethics and potential losses of human lives and its stiff-necked. patronizing pretension of expertise in fields they do not fully understand.

The magnetic field of the earth is a typical case of chaotic and fractal effects that strengthen it in forms geological researchers ignore, but given its fluid, highly energetic form, its easier simile is with the butterfly effect of a  storm. To pretend we know how this 100% growth has taken place, is false. TO KNOW THT either because the lhc is producing types of dark matter, black holes or strangelets, that ‘hopefully’ decay on their fall to earth, or because its magnetic rings affect in a butterfly effect a cascade of changes in the earth’s fields that increases earthquakes  this can happen with a sizable probability and calculate the costs in trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of life of earthquakes is easy.

immediate action is needed and yet not even the press talks of this issue. Why?

We will try to respond to all the whys of cern in this article.

The whys of these wave of earthquakes: a butterfly effect.

It is a very serious matter. In 100 years of earthquake studies nothing similar has happened, except n the carpet-bombing of the islands of fire in 43, and the years around the  biggest earthquake ever recorded on earth, the 60 Chilean earthquake.

So we are in an event that must have a cause.

2 are the possible butterfly, cascade effects caused by CERN, a cascade of dark matter particles that grow, explode and might earth the earth inside out.

Within 15 minutes of production of black holes or strangelets those will have fallen to the center of the earth growing and at certain point exploding as nuclear bombs in the magma

this release of energy can provoke earthquakes and can account for a 100 increase on the earthquakes of planet earth. This is the most natural effect as the lhc is basically a machine that produces quark-gluon soups the substance of dark matter. See all other articles on this web on strangelets, the easiest quark-soup to do to discover the processes.
the second possible cause-effect is the creation of butterfly effects in magnetic fields. this kind of self-strengthening fields created as a wave as soon as the machine starts can produce gravitational and magnetic waves at 300.000 c speed whose effects ill understood by scientists certainly could be responsible.

Do not ask though experts because they are there, like politicians to calm the bewildered masses, once it is understood that science cannot stop, technological cannot be de3tained, nuclear industries must go on.

As the melting was happening in situ, all over the world ‘experts’ of the Nuclear Industry affirmed the site was under control, radiation would not escape, all was right and good. Hundreds were being radiated but the libretto of all nuclear tragedies, including the one in the making at CERN, the biggest of all, was clear: all quiet in the eastern front.

Till when?

The answer is ‘forever’ till the end. Because the Nuclear Industry is the most profitable of the world, in its 2 sides, the making of Nuclear Weapons, which at its height consumed 13% of the American electricity and in the production of electricity, cheaper than any other clean source. So we shall always find excuses of research or non-pollution ‘handy’, paid by the biggest lobby of the world industry to keep churning ‘safe’ nuclear plants and keep exploring more powerful nuclear devices, as the cosmic bombs researched at CERN.

We warned of this situation many times: the LHC is the biggest magnetic field on Earth after the one centered in the nucleus of the planet; and so it is potentially an earthquake machine that disturbs the magnetic field, producing changes, which are the cause of earthquakes. 1+1=2: A machine which causes the same causes that cause earthquakes might cause earthquakes.

Last year when CERN put the LHC at work, within a week you had the Chilean earthquake­, 8.8, 6th biggest in history, now after 3 months of halting the machine, they put it and we get the 5th biggest… 2 of the BIGGEST earthquakes of history in a year.
So now tell me… this machine is the 2nd strongest field of magnetism on Earth after its center… Earthquakes are caused by change in magnetic fields on the planet. Whenever a new magnetic source appears a magnetic field reorders itself. Whenever the machine is switched again within a week the Earth reorders the plates and you get a massive earthquake.
Now the stress is gone, the field is reordered. But we haven’t seen anything yet…   In 2014, when the machine goes over 10 tev, the threshold that makes black holes, which will not evaporate, we might all die. Anybody cares? of course not. It is a German machine, the summit of the nuclear industry. Half of the Russians that made A-bombs work there. So we have newspeak, research, the particle of god, the big-bang (of the earth that is). The judge said: the destructio­n of the earth will not be attributable to the US government­. The German court said to make a safety conference before switching up. So they switched, no conference­.  The incremental number of earthquakes is clear on the statistics since the machine started experiments in 2008.

Specifically the last 2 years are on record track, only overcome by the carpet bombing of 1943 of the pacific ring of fire… While there has never been 2 Earthquakes of category 9 in two consecutive years.

But technology is God. So if you ask earthquake ‘experts’ they will deny even their own statistics and affirm there is not surge (0).

In that regard as the process is incremental, there is an even more worrisome scenario: if the machine is producing semi stable  black holes or strangelets, when they fall towards the Earth, they would explode provoking motions in the plates of unknown intensity that could explain the rise in earthquake activity since the machine last year made ion-collisions that could have produced strangelets:

Since we are not even 1/4th into the year, (76 days) we can expect over 30 earthquakes of 7-7.9 this year, doubling the statistical mean of 13 during the decade and roughly equaling the record year of 1943 with 33 7s but none of the magnitude of the Chilean and Japanese earthquake of those 2 consecutive years (4th and 5th largest in history).

Regarding the next category  of 6 to 6.9,  at 69, again there is a significant rise this year which will double the mean number of +140.

Thus in 2 years the machine has been working, 2010 and 2011 an incremental path of 100% on strong earthquakes over 6 has taken place, with the first consecutive years on record with a super-9 earthquake.

This surge of earthquakes  has no other clear explanation, than the changes in the magnetic field due to an anthropic reason – CERN’s magnetic field. The similar record of 1943 due to carpet bombing, was also anthropic.

But the effects of CERN on the motions if planet Earth could be worse: the creation of black holes or strangelets that fall towards the center of the Earth, and are exploding on their journey, or maybe sitting there and eating us slowly, would obviously alter the magma flows… And yet the establishment ignores the issue, as it always does in prevention cases till the ‘event’ has taken place. Only that if this catastrophic ‘event takes place, there is no prevention. In Chernobyl hundreds of thousands died of radiation. In Japan probably tens of thousands will get cancer and tens of thousands died in the Earthquake. In the Earth CERN’s accidental errors and lack of safety precautions will mean billions of potential victims.

I recall those days of November, when Mr. Penrose, a British physicist, and vocal of the HeavyIonAlert group and me tried to publish the Castor Papers in which CERN affirmed it would make likely strangelets, and the global press denied us any voice…

What is perhaps more depressing to this group of dedicated people is the indifference to this issue of the ‘activists’ of ecological causes, obsessed by the Global Warming scare campaign… paid mainly by the Nuclear Industry to promote its clean energy… Yes, global warming is a long term insoluble problem since it is the product of the $hit of machines and we would have to change the entire economic ecosystem to solve it…

Yet the true problem of  mankind now are the new type of weapons-machines that are overcoming the limits of information and energy of our planet and our minds; the robotic industries of predators that foresee a not-too far away world of terminator warriors; the nuclear industry exploring the III horizon of nuclear weapons at CERN that can big-bang the Earth… and the newspeaks, the Matrix of fictions of the financial-military-industrial complex that cheats the good people into believing we are all taken care of. When the International Nuclear Agency produced the Chernobyl report, affirming that only 56 people died, because it doesn’t count cancer victims, which the Bielorussian government put on 200.000… nobody swallowed that pill.



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