CDC Admits Most New Cases Are Fully Vaccinated, Just in Time for Pfizer’s Brand New Vaccine for 2022

Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve…



WARNING TO POLITICAL OFFICE HOLDERS, POLICE & DOCTORS AND ALL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS…, Or Any Person Who Ignores Their Constitutional Obligation To Their People. As well as any political power in violation of the Nuremberg Code under International Law!


Where are your ethics,
In this Covid Crisis!
Are you obedient to the W.H.O. or C.D.C?,
Which is like joining I.S.I.S.

You claim to care for lives,
But you know the protocol…
Is killing most your patients,
And that will be your fall!

When orders from any Leader,
Violate our Constitution…
You’re obligated to ignore them,
Or face Justice and restitution.

You make a hefty living,
And so you go along,
With money as your motivation,
Until Justice comes along!

Your excuses won’t hold water,
No reason will set you free.
The Constitution is Supreme!
It is the Guideline for you and me!

Decisions you make today,
Will chase you to your end,
When you stand in Judgement,
And receive your dividend.

So make a stand today,
Be a true Professional,
Or your decision to not stand up,
Will not help your confessional.

An eye for and eye,
Will be the cost you pay,
For refusing the Constitutional Laws
That apply to you each day.

On your day of Judgement
You will pay the price,
Of ignoring our Constitution,
That’s how we’ll roll the dice!

As you face your total loss,
Including perhaps your life,
What will you stand on then,
In your final strife?

Nobody will come to help you,
Your decisions today will rule.
Your judgement will be final,
You learned that in school!

So ask yourself now,
While there is still time,
Where it is you are standing,
As you read this warning rhyme?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
A Professional decides each day,
Can be life saving decisions,
If you make ethical decisions today!

These words won’t save anyone,
If you refuse this public warning!
Ignore them at your own peril,
Or your fate will find none mourning.

You must make your choice!
Time for you will soon be stilled!
When Justice comes looking for you,

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