CCP “National Day” Marked with Protests in Hong Kong


On two sides of the border were very different events marking China’s so-called “National Day”—the anniversary of when Chinese Communist forces seized power in 1949.

While Chinese leaders gathered on Tiananmen Square for the official celebrations, in Hong Kong many took to the streets in protest.

[Koo Sze-yiu, Hong Kong Activist]:
“We are using this coffin to protest. One aspect is to denounce the butcher-like regime of the Communist Party. Another aspect is to commemorate the students who lost their lives in Beijing (in 1989).”

Hong Kong residents are becoming more frustrated over the amount of control the communist regime in the Mainland is exercising over Hong Kong. This summer has been marked by a string of protests in the former British colony.

Elsewhere in the city, supporters of the Global Movement to Quit the Chinese Communist Party held a rally to mark October first.

[Richard Tsoi, Chairman, HK Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement]:
“So faced with this October 1st day, we actually don’t have a national celebration, we just feel the country is dying, there is actually nothing worth celebrating. To say the country is dying, it is not just today, but everyday the land of China is dying.”

The chairwoman of the New York-based Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP spoke to NTD over the phone, urging more people to renounce their affiliation with the Communist Party.

[Yi Rong, Chairwoman, Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP]:
“Help your family and friends who haven’t quit yet, to quit the Chinese Communist Party…Let us turn October into national ‘dissolve the CCP month.’”

The October 1st anniversary is a sensitive time for the Chinese regime as many in Hong Kong and in the Mainland take the opportunity to protest. October 10th will mark another sensitive date, the 100th anniversary of the Republic of China—the government, now confined to Taiwan, that Communist forces defeated in 1949.
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