Twitter Hack FALLOUT! Jack Dorsey BUSTED on Blacklisting! LIED to US Congress?

Twitter and their CEO might be in some big trouble over the hack that crippled the platform yesterday. The rise

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AG Bill Barr just destroyed Apple, Hollywood, Disney and all big tech companies over their relationship with communist China.

That was brutal. Attorney General William P. Barr delivered a speech on China policy at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential

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WATCH | Deep State, Bill Gates, Agenda 21 Called out in Italian governments Chamber of Deputies. May 14th, 2Q2Q.

Deputy Sara Cunial talks about Deep State, , GMO’s / Monsanto, Bill Gates, Agenda21 genocide through vaccination… at Italian Chamber

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Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World | How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health | Two Part Video Report

Who Is Bill Gates? Corbett Part One: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health Part Two: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate

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MUST WATCH | ‘The Trayvon Hoax’ Documentary | Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America

‘The Trayvon Hoax’ Documentary In this stunning work of investigative journalism, filmmaker Joel Gilbert uncovers the true story of the

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Oh, Oh, Watch | The Truth About Dr Anthony Fauci | Featuring Dr Judy Mikovitz | Her Video Exposing What She Describes As Fraud!

THE TRUTH ABOUT FAUCI? When you consider that the whole world and especially other governments are taking this mans word

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